Vinyl cladding

Melco door frames are made of natural pine that can simply be painted or tinted. To minimize maintenance, you can opt for our quick-anchor vinyl exterior cladding. Vinyl cladding is easy to clean, requires no maintenance, and can be installed in seconds without any tools.


Factory-painted doors

If you like, we can paint your door at the factory in the colour of your choice. By choosing this solution, you can be assured of professional results and impeccable finish. We apply Acrythane® paint from Sico. This superior-quality acrylic enamel provides exceptional resistance to scratching, chemical agents, and mildew.


Security plate

An invisible but effective guard.


The security plate is installed at the factory on the exterior face of the frame at lock height. When you lock the door, the bolt is held not only by the wood frame but also by a robust metal plate firmly anchored to the frame.


Other options

Ball-bearing hinges, brick moulding, frame moulding, and piercing for peepholes or mail slots are only some of the many options available to ensure that your door responds perfectly to your needs.


You can find out more by talking to your Melco retailer.