A perfect finish often requires an added element: an extension. The extension is the esthetic transition between the window frame and the interior or exterior wall. Melco manufactures a complete range of extensions that perfectly match your surroundings: ready-to-be-painted jointed pine; pine with PVC; and expanded PVC extension.



Melco offers various integrated grills that match any style and architectural design. Whether tubular, rectangular or elliptical in shape, our grills are available in brass or tin, grey, white or painted. In addition, Melco offers a colonial-style grill whose component parts mesh together perfectly for unmatched finish and solidity.



A Melco casing is the perfect finishing touch for new windows. Our casings are available in PVC for a great look and easy maintenance.



We offer several models of mouldings.



Different customers, different tastes - which is why we offer more choices than just white. Melco PVC and hybrid windows come in an impressive array of colours. Melco uses specially formulated paint to reflect the suns rays and extend the life of PVC and aluminum parts. Painted windows are covered by a 10-year warranty against flaking and excessive discoloration.


See the colour chart in store.