A fibreglass door is a high-performance door. It features a very hard surface that is both extremely impact-resistant and weather-resistant.


Injected polyurethane foam enhances the heat-preserving performance of fibreglass doors.


Fibreglass doors are available in a silky-smooth finish or wood-grain texture.


Performance and benefits


- Resistant to impacts, splitting, cracking, scratching and warping

- Option of smooth finish, tinted wood-grain texture, or factory-painted

- Wood laminate contour to ensure stability

- Lower door is made with high-performance composite materials for

  resistance to rotting

- Kiln-dried pine frame for greater stability

- Compression polyethylene weather-strip provides flexibility and

  watertight protection

- Wood-reinforced extruded aluminum threshold


Performance tests:

Air: astm-e-283-91

Water: astm-e-331-96

Air and water: can/cgsb/82.5/m.88

Fibreglass doors